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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest OS release by microsoft. After Windows vista that i think quite a failure slow for an OS i think Windows 7 have a great potential to become the perfect OS after Windows XP.

For system requirement to use this OS is lower than Vista which required higher RAM and fater faster Processor. You can check the system requirement at Microsoft's Website or Wikipedia

There a few advantages of Windows 7 such as
Lower system disk space usage
More faster and can be use at shitty old computer.
Very nice layout and theme
Auto optimize for different PC performance
Even software in older version windows can be use in Windows 7
Have DirectX 11
Good taskbar application that put all the same application under one group

Having problem with driver? I don't think so because even my friend old NEC laptop, Windows 7 actually automatically download its driver and work perfectly. What you need is internet connection such as screamyx streamyx in Malaysia.

There a few trouble the user face when using this OS. For my case I LOST 2 hard disk partition after formatting.
Scary huh?
No worry because all you need is click your start button and search "Computer Management" then click the Disk Management under the storage and right click to the partition that missing and click "change drive letter and path". Then put any letter you want and magically your partition will appear in your "My Computer".

For more detail troubleshoot or question you can post or find your answer at Microsoft Technical Support Forum


Astroxknot said...

Windows 7 are the best! \\('-')//

fawwaz said...

weihhh laptop aku tuhh.. noh kena kutuk sedaih.. hahahha

Astroxknot said...

wakakka.. ank baca watpa.. suma org aku kutuk..