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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Must Have Gadget in 2010

Lenovo IdeaPad U1

The 3.8-pound IdeaPad U1 runs
Windows 7 and offers a 128GB
solid-state drive. If you detach
the 11.6-inch screen, you get a
Linux-based multitouch tablet.
Many people will choose be -
tween a laptop and a tablet this
year; the convertible U1, coming
this spring for around $1000,
might make their decision easy.

Apple iPhone 4G
Rumors abound that the next iPhone—the “iPhone
4G,” as it’s being called— could appear as early as
this spring. Speculative designs like this one by
Isamu Sanada are showing up on the Internet as
the pressure mounts for Apple to upgrade its hugely popular phone to
better compete with new Android smartphones.

Sezmi can stream video from the Web and
your PC to your TV, but it can also grab overthe-
air broadcasts via an in-home array an -
tenna. The gear ($299) and the service ($5 to
$25 per month) launch nationwide this year

Alienware M11x
Far smaller than previous gaming
laptops, the 11.6-inch M11x
sports a 1336-by-768-pixel highdef
screen, and can play current
games at a stunning 30 frames
per second. The M11x ships this
spring for less than $1000.

HTC Nexus One
Though the Nexus One
($179 with contract) is no
more a “Google phone”
than the HTC G1 is, it’s the
best Android phone available
today. And Google
has done such a good job
associating itself with the
Nexus One in the minds of
consumers and the media
that the handset is bound
to sell like hotcakes.

Microsoft ‘Project Natal’ for Xbox 360

Later this year, Microsoft will one-up Nintendo’s Wii with its own
3D-motion-sensing controller. Players can use full-body gestures,
like kicks or punches, to interact with the action on screen.

Source : PC World Magazine March 2010


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