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Friday, January 15, 2010

Alienware M11X Gaming Laptop

You're tired of bringing a big useless laptop?
Your laptop too sucks slow when playing game?
Your laptop too slow when you doing your work?

Buy the new Alienware M11X laptop..

HAHAHAHA!! Actually I just read on Lowyat's website that elianware Alienware released their new tiny gaming laptop the M11X.
This is the first tiny product from alienware.. but you can't expect less because it's still a gaming laptop.

Alienware M11X Spec
Intel Core 2 U7300 ULV Processor
Gigabit Ethernet
A multi-card reader
HDMI outputs
11.6-Inch LCD Display
GeForce GT 335M Switchable Graphics
Battery up to 6.5 hours in lower-graphics function mode
and surprisingly can support game like Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 and Crysis which required very high graphic display.
Price :: < RM3377 (nice price.. I can make a powerful gaming PC with this money.. sorry cause i'm a computer geek.. not a lappy geek.)

It's suitable for a gamers who like to travel and got a lot of money that he/she can waste like to play games anywhere he/she went. Got people like this?
Anyway.. Alienware is still one of the best supplier of Gaming PC and Laptop..
So.. Two thumbs up for alienware..

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cydane said...

laptop bru ke ni?sapa manufacture nyer?