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Monday, January 25, 2010

Guide To Build a Computer 1 : Processor

Now i will make a guide how to build a computer. All this guide are make based on my experience, so if there something i state wrong, please give comment. I will divide this guide to several part because it's too long to write all at once. So here the first part of the guide.


Processor is the heart most important thing in a computer. Mostly of your computer performances come from here. So you must make a wise choice to pick your processor.
As we know.. there are two main processor you can choose.. AMD and Intel processor. Both processor have its own pros and cons.

1. Price
All people in the universe Some people know that INTEL has a high price compare to AMD even though its clocks are lower than AMD. See the clocks and price different between both processor in red below

You can get a WAY different clocks speed processor with lower price with AMD but still INTEL has higher cache memory which is important for multitasking.

2. Performance
Obviously AMD INTEL has the best performance. You can check it here at Tom's Hardware site. INTEL has the best multitasking processor which is important if you involve in graphic design or engineering design. AMD is good when it come to gaming because when you play game you only run one program.

3. Power Usage
I don't have a lot of experience here but from other article i read, AMD cost more power than INTEL which is not good for your bill but good if you're using your PC at university which you doesn't need to pay for electric bill. AMD also has higher temperature than INTEL which you need to buy a good cooler for AMD processor especially if you want to overclock your PC.
for overclocking ask someone else because i don't know much about it

4. Conclusion
You buy AMD if

  • Not using your computer for multitasking
  • Mainly playing games
  • Have a low budget but want a powerful PC
You buy INTEL if
  • You use your computer to do graphic design or engineering design software
  • Multitasking a lot
  • Want a very high performance PC
  • Have a lot of money and you don't know where to waste your money
if you ask me which one i pick surely i'll answer AMD because i'm an AMD fan. AMD FTW!!

p/s :: Later i post about motherboard